With XXLWinners.com win the full iPhone 5 experience for FREE!

With XXLWinners.com win the full
iPhone 5 experience for FREE!

Everything you love about iPhone — the beautiful screen, fast and fluid performance, FaceTime and iSight cameras, thousands of amazing apps, 10-hour battery life. And you can hold it in one hand. A beautiful display, powerful A6 chip, FaceTime HD camera, iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, ultrafast wireless, and over 275,000 apps ready to download from the App Store.

  • Faster CPU performance
  • Faster graphic
  • Even better battery life
  • Next-generation cellular and wireless connectivity

What do I win?

Win this great iPhone 5 for FREE without any obligations!

After the drawing, the winner receives the prize at the address he/she entered in the user box. In advance, we inform you and all other players about the drawing of the main prize.

How can I increase my odds to win for free?

Share the fun you have with XXLWinners.com with all your friends and invite them to join, so you will get as a thank you tickets for free from XXLWinners!

  • After you purchased your ticket, you will have the option to invite all of your friends with just a few clicks
  • As a reference to you, you can send by mail or facebook your ticket numbers to your friends
  • If your friends provide your ticket number when booking their tickets, you will recieve additional free friendship tickets as thank you from XXLWinners.com!
  • Thus, YOU will automactically participate for free in the lottery of your friends. So you will participate in the game of your friends for free and you can win another main prize and more interim prizes!
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How many times can I win with one ticket?

Most lotteries consists of a main prize with various other prizes which are drawn in the interim. The combination of the calculation, the main prize and the interim prizes make the odds of winning with xxlwinners one of the highest odds in the current EU lottery market.

If a lottery consisting a main with various other prizes at the same time, then...

  • Each ticket will participate in all future draws!
  • By being one of the first players to buy a ticket, YOU have the chance of winning more times with just one ticket
  • You can participate in each interim draw and the main prize draw with only one ticket

Why Should I play with XXL Winners?

  • Your odds to win with XXLWinners are much more better than any EU Lottery in all of Europe!
  • Our legal license number is LGA/CL3/557/2009 class 3, issued by LGA in Malta, an EU Member state.
  • The game is monitored by the LGA, a state institution to regulate and control gaming institutions.
  • All payments go to a lottery blocked account ensuring that all prize payments are safe.
  • XXL Winners is managed by a recognised law firm in Valletta.

Certification and Licenses


I could not believe that I won the main prize when I received the winners email. It was really hard to decide between choosing the Porsche or the Aston Martin.

Wolfgang Maurer, Hegenheim France

A great game, my new car for only 19.90 EUR! I invited all my friends to participate and got a lot of friendship ticket from XXL Winners, all for free! So my odds to win the main prize have improved a lot! The bill has risen;-) Yes, it worked!

Antonio Pugliese, Vergel Spain

It's true: I won the first prize by using a voucher given to me for free! I love the friendship ticket system of XXL Winners, it's a unique from any other lottery.

Sandro Borg, Mellieha Malta

This is the first time I won with XXLWinners.com. Our children were just starting a family and needed extra cash. We thought we would try this online lottery and see what happens. Well, we won and we choose the cash prize. Now we can help our children!

Leo Volpi, Denia Spain

I participated in a very unique game, as the winner you can choose between a Hotel or 5.000.000, - EUR cash. I cannot understand those who do not use this opportunity of this great game! I won and now I have the jackpot!

Ruxandra Nica, Bucharest Rumania